Beer that's Crafted with Care

At Brewhive we believe brewing is part art, part craft and part science. We use soft water, 100% malted barley, lager or ale yeast and of course hops. This dedication to time-honoured brewing methods, brewing in small batches and traditional processes is what makes our brews so special.

Passionate about Hops

Most commercial beers will just have "hops" on the ingredients list. We think this is like saying that wine is made from "grapes" as any wine drinker would want to know what type of grape was used and where it is from. Let us introduce you to our star hops: the American Summit, the English Endeavour and the German Magnum. Serve our brews in the Brewhive engraved crystal tasting glass, savour the bouquet, then enjoy our hard work while you relax.

Share our passion

In recent years there has been an explosion of beers on the market, which is exciting. However, we know from experience that many beer drinkers find the variety of ranges from so many different breweries pretty confusing and even a little intimidating. So we decided to channel our passion into creating a small but discerning collection of great tasting brews. We've concentrated on the brews we love best and we reckon you'll enjoy on a regular basis.

Our Promise to You

  • Something for everyone with lager, IPAs and porter.
  • Finest hops from around the world.
  • Next working day courier with a texted two hour delivery window.
  • No subscriptions or commitment just order when you want.
  • Money back guarantee if you are not completely delighted.

Our beer sommelier's free guide explains what the hops bring to each brew, how to serve the beer correctly and ideas for food matching.

Know a beer connoisseur? Our brews are a perfect gift for the discerning drinker. There is something in our Beer List for everyone.

Our beers are not available in stores or pubs so if you want to experience the great taste order here exclusively from us.