About Us

Passionate about beer and long convinced by the convenience of buying online, we launched Brewhive in August 2015. We're based in Edinburgh, send our brews all over the UK and source our hops from across the globe.

The Idea

We want to see beer in fine dining as an alternative to wine. Beer with all of its varieties and complexities is often a much better match for food than wine. Just try a rich porter with a molten chocolate pudding and tell me a wine that could do half as well!

Our aim is to persuade wine drinkers to rediscover beer and learn that hops are as interesting as grapes. We are passionate about hops and have sourced American Summit, English Endeavour and German Magnum hops for our initial range.

The Beers

Most of the mainstream beers are lagers and generally don't have very much of a taste at all.

Beer for fine dining should complement the food, not overpower it. Our beers have a lower alcohol level (ABV) than many craft beers on the market and we’ve been careful that our hops don’t overpower everything else.

We look to strike a perfect balance, with a range of quality beers designed to tease the tastebuds instead of annihilating them.


We are more passionate about beer than we are about running a brewery. We work with a master brewer to develop the beers to our specifications and then find a brewery to make them for us. At the moment we are using a small batch brewery in Clonmel, Republic of Ireland which offers the quality we demand.

This means we can put all our time and resources into developing great beers and sourcing the right ingredients, and you can be sure that your money is going straight into the beers, not paying back the bank.