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English Chocolate Malt Porter

Porters are all about the malts and our Chocolate Malt Porter is no different, getting its beautifully dark colour from strongly roasted black chocolate malt. Combined with a sweeter crystal malt, this lends flavours of chocolate, vanilla and liquorice tempered by the moderate bitterness from the American Summit hops.

A chocolate porter pairs naturally with rich desserts and game but for something a little different, why not serve with seared scallops? The smoothness means the delicate flavours of of the sea food are not overwhelmed and the sweetness from the well-kilned malts enhances the caramelised flavours that are formed with searing.

330ml Bottle.


Style Porter
Hop American Summit
Alcohol 4.1%
Serving T° 13°c
IBU 32
OG 1045
Allergy Gluten from barley
Price £2.20